After 4 years and all the difficulties induced by the pandemic, we are honored to host the 26th International Conference on Noise and Fluctuations (ICNF) in Grenoble for 2023!

The ICNF is a biennial event running since 1968. The recent past 10 conferences in this series were organized in Gainesville (2001), Prague (2003), Salamanca (2005), Tokyo (2007), Pisa (2009), Toronto (2011), Montpellier (2013), Xi’An (2015), Vilnius (2017) and Neuchatel (2019).

The aim of this biennial conference is to bring together specialists in fluctuation and noise phenomena from different fields in science, engineering and business, including material, electronic and optoelectronic devices, sensors, systems and nanostructures, analog and digital circuits and systems, complex systems, biological and biophysical systems, social and financial systems, reliability, to address both fundamental and applied issues.

We invite all students and researchers working in topics related to noise and fluctuations to submit their abstracts and come and enjoy the city of Grenoble!


Download the LATEST Call for Papers here


Conference Commitees

 Local Organization Committee (IMEP-LAHC laboratory)

  • Christoforos Theodorou / CNRS (General chair)
  • Quentin Rafhay / Grenoble INP (Co-chair)
  • Frédérique Ducroquet
  • Xavier Mescot

Technical Area Chairs

  • Acoustic Noise – Cheng Li
  • Biological Systems – Sandro Carrara
  • Circuits and Systems – Alessandro Pezzotta
  • Electron Devices – Andries Scholten (acting for 2023)
  • Instrumentation – Massimo Macucci
  • Imagers – Assim Boukhayma
  • Materials – Arindam Ghosh
  • Photonic Devices – Shiva Kumar
  • Reliability – Gilson Wirth
  • Stochastic Processes – Ping Ao
  • Theory – Luca Varani

International Advisory Committee

  • Wolfgang Belzig (Univ. of Konstanz, Germany)
  • Sergey Bezrukov (NIH, Bethesda, USA)
  • Fabrizio Bonani (Polit. di Torino, Italy)
  • Chih-Hung Chen (McMaster Univ., Canada)
  • Christian Enz (EPFL, Switzerland)
  • Tomás González (Univ. of Salamanca, Spain)
  • Peter Handel (UM St. Louis, USA)
  • Massimo Macucci (Univ. of Pisa, Italy)
  • Peter McClintock (Lancaster Univ., UK
  • Sandra Pralgauskaite (Vilnius Univ, Lithuania)
  • Bertrand Reulet (Univ. of Sherbrooke, Canada)
  • Paulius Sakalas (CPST, Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • Josef Šikula (Brno Univ. of Tech., Czech Republic)
  • Janusz M. Smulko (Gdansk Univ. of Tech., Poland)
  • Misako Takayasu (Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Japan)
  • Luca Varani (Univ. Montpellier, France)
  • Svetlana Vitusevich (FZ Jülich, Germany)

Regional Chairs

  • Derek Abbott (Australia)
  • Fabrizio Bonani (Italy)
  • C. H. Chen (Canada)
  • Mostafa Emmam (Egypt)
  • Tomas Gonzalez (Spain)
  • Laszlo Kish (USA)
  • Massimo Macucci (Italy)
  • Fabien Pascal (France)
  • Paulius Sakalas (Germany)
  • Eddy Simoen (Belgium)
  • Janusz M. Smulko (Poland)
  • Arkady Yakimov (Russia)
  • Yiqi Zhuang (China)

Honorary Advisory Committee

  • Zeynep Çelik-Butler (UT Arlington, USA)
  • Cor Claeys (KU Leuven, Belgium)
  • Jamal Deen (McMaster Univ., Canada)
  • Cecilia Pennetta (Univ. del Salento, Italy)
  • Charles Surya (Hong Kong Polyt. Univ., China)



Topics of interest

a) Theory of noise, fluctuations and stochastic processes: classical, semi-classical, and quantum theory; chaos, random walk, and stochastic resonance

b) Noise and fluctuations in electronic/photonic materials and devices: fundamental aspects, modeling and impact of technology

c) Noise in electronic circuits, and systems: amplifiers, oscillators, imagers, memories etc.

d) Noise relation to device reliability or quality

e) Noise and fluctuations in communication, biological, social and economic systems

f) Noise measurement, instrumentation and characterization methods

g) Variability effects (spatial fluctuations, mismatch, process variations etc.) [New topic]

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